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Honest accurate car repair here!

-Troy Bell

Very friendly very Honest been a wonderful experience working with them. I will be back.

When you find a good mechanic you want to hang onto them! Such is the case with Roberts!

My 11-year-old SUV is running like new, Thanks to Roberts Auto Repair. I was considering trading my SUV because of a number of issues. But I really like it and don't want anything different so I took it to Roberts to have them check it out. They explained that there was not anything seriously wrong with the vehicle but that it had 160,000 miles on it and could benefit from performing all the usual maintenance plus new spark plugs. I had them do all the fluids, check brakes, new titanium spark plugs, put on new tires, balance and check the alignment. In addition they repaired an inoperable passenger window that has just recently quit working. The reason that prompted me to go was a check engine light that was addressed by changing a part on the air intake. This had been confirmed by another on-board diagnostic check by another repairman. They had my car back to me the next day and it literally runs like new. I can't believe the difference, smooth, quiet with good acceleration and braking. The window works perfectly. They offered to do the next oil change free when it is due. I had heard Roberts has a good reputation from several friends In my experience, they were fair, conservative in their recommendations and reasonably priced. In addition they worked quickly, keeping my car only overnight while waiting on a part. Auto repair costs money just like everything else of value. I was not looking for a cheap discount fly-by-night place, I was looking for a reliable repair shop I could trust. These guys were fair and honest, just like their motto.



JASPER can offer this beefy warranty on our remanufactured automatic and standard transmissions because every one of them goes through our extensive "Do It Right" process that ensures worry-free operation.  Our shop chooses JASPER because our customers deserve not only the best product and service we can provide but also the peace of mind that comes with high quality - dependable products like JASPER transmissions, engines, and differentials.  

Jim Roberts Auto Repair in Murfreesboro now provides the GM 6T40 and 45E FWD and AWD Transmission Replacement Options from JASPER Engines & Transmissions.  These transmissions are available for the following 2008-2011 applications:  Chevrolet Equinox and Malibu  |  GMC Terrain  |  Pontiac G6  |  Saturn Aura  |  Buick Regal and LaCrosse

Jim Roberts Auto Repair in Murfreesboro now provides the Jasper Engines re-manufactured Toyota A750E (RWD) and A750F (4WD) transmissions. These transmissions are available for the 2004-2011 Toyota Tundra, Sequoia, Tacoma, 4 Runner, and FJ Cruiser transmission replacements

Each JASPER remanufactured Toyota A750E and A750F transmission is 100% dynamometer tested using a state of the art dyno software package eliminating the chance of shifting concerns and ensures a quality product for the customer.  All wear areas of the valve body are reamed to oversize, where applicable, and vacuum-tested to restore the hydraulic integrity of the unit reducing the chance of low fluid pressure within the transmission, causing slipped clutches.

In addition to the value-added quality re-manufacturing steps to provide a perfect product, great care is taken to ensure each A750E and A750F transmission replacement option can stand up to the rigors of everyday life.  Each transmission receives 100% new friction plates from the OE manufacturer to retain shift quality and durability. Converter linings are 100% replaced to reduce lock-up shudder and solenoids are 100% tested to verify proper operation before they are installed in the transmission.

The JASPER remanufactured Toyota A750E and A750F transmission is covered by a three-year, 100,000 mile, nationwide parts, and labor warranty.  Talk to our team at Jim Roberts Auto Repair in Murfreesboro about your specific needs and any transmission replacement questions you might have for your Toyota, we'd be happy to answer them for you and see if a JASPER remanufactured transmission is right for you.

Jim Roberts Auto Repair in Murfreesboro is pleased to offer the remanufactured Holset HE351VE turbocharger to our customers for 2007 and current Cummins 6.7L diesel engine applications.  Each JASPER remanufactured Cummins 6.7L Holset turbo undergoes a three-step balancing process.   The turbine shaft/wheel assembly, and the compressor wheel, are individually balanced on a component balancer.  The rotating assembly, or center section, is then balanced on a high-speed VSR machine.  The center section is balanced at over 70,000 RPM.  They verify balance is at .05 grams per square inch or below for best operation and improved turbo life.

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